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Automotive Technician

Automotive Technician Job Description

Automotive technicians work in the departments of service and repair. Technicians carry out scheduled servicing, essential maintenance and repair on cars, vans and trucks.

A high school diploma, followed by vocational training, is the minimum qualification for this job. Most employers prefer technicians to obtain certification from an accreditation organization, such as the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. Technicians can build their qualifications with accreditation in different aspects of vehicle maintenance, including electrical/electronic systems, engine performance and repair, heating and air conditioning, brakes, manual drive train and axles, automatic transmission, suspension, and steering. Technicians who achieve certification in all the Institute’s maintenance categories become Master Automobile Technicians.

Technicians must be familiar with all aspects of vehicle operation and must understand the functions of the major components and systems. They must have good analytical skills to diagnose problems and make decisions about the most suitable repairs. They must be competent at using servicing and maintenance tools and equipment, and be familiar with the different categories of lubricants and service parts. Technicians need good interpersonal skills to discuss vehicle problems and solutions with car owners or service managers.

Servicing Maintenance and Repair Duties
Auto Technicians carry out routine and scheduled servicing. They check the mileage of the vehicle and its service records, and complete the work specified in the manufacturer’s service schedules. They also complete simple servicing tasks, such as changing engine oil and filters or checking lubricant levels. If drivers report running problems, Technicians check the operation of the fuel and ignition systems to diagnose and repair problems such as poor starting or heavy fuel consumption. They repair or replace components that are subject to wear, such as brake parts, steering and suspension components, tires and exhaust system pieces. They also diagnose and repair brake, steering and suspension problems.

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