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Kara Shaw Car For A Cause Nominee

Making an investment to be part of a Special Business Group in advertising and marketing sometimes brings other results more than just business. I would like to thank all of the BDG “San Diego Auto Repair Care” members for their participation and support in the 2015 “Car For A Cause” FREE vehicle giveaway.

Kara Shaw Car For A Cause Nominee

We are all truly blessed with family & friends. As you read the information below about Kara Shaw and her children you will understand my phrase. A panel of four people, two men and two women reviewed all 100 “Car For A Cause” nomination forms. After narrowing it down to four nominees it was decided that Kara Shaw and her children will receive the 2005 Town & Country Van.

I personally spoke to all six women that nominated Kara Shaw who did not know that others had nominated her.

When I called Kara she was a little in shock and excited at the same time. The San Diego Auto Repair Care group presented the van to Kara and her children On Sunday December 13 on KUSI TV. The San Diego Auto Repair group also supplied a Christmas Tree, Ornaments and stockings stuffed with presents for each of the 5 children including $2000 in cash to help Kara & family in other needs. Words cannot express how happy, blessed and grateful Kara and the children are. It was a very unforgettable and emotional day for all.

Enjoy some of the pictures and link to YouTube “Car for a Cause”.

Please read the email below from Carolyn one of the women that submitted Kara nomination form and visit the support website for Kara Shaw and children.

John Hartman

NAPA San Diego Auto Repair Care

Hi John –

I’m still feeling emotional and praising God for this blessing for Kara. Again HUGE Thank You’ s to you and everyone who had a part in your Car for a Cause program and blessing Kara with this van. Wow! Just Wow!! — I really wish I could be there, but it’s not likely at this point. For sure, though, I’ll be there in spirit!

As friends we try to do what we can, but so much more help is needed. The blessing of the van is IMMENSE!!! As well as it provides energy to not only Kara and the kids to “keep on keeping’ on” but increasing efforts by friends to forge ahead in support as well. As I shared with you, in the coming year I am making it my mission to find a way to fund a lightweight wheelchair for Jax (10). He faces a long road ahead with medical treatments, (especially given his most recent diagnosis on top of everything else… **sigh**) on the days that he feels up to getting out and about he should have the means.

Here’s the link below for the GoFundMe that has been set up for the family: Click here to support Support for Medical Expenses by Kara Shaw

Click here to support Support for Medical Expenses by Ka… (https://www.gofundme.com/7fh9aeh5w3b)

This fundraiser is for the ongoing medical and related expenses for two medically complex siblings. From travel to out of the area specialists, transportation, hotel…

View on www.gofundme.com (https://www.gofundme.com/7fh9aeh5w3b)

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Kara does her best to manage it all, but it is truly taking its toll on her. It’s not enough that one, or even two, of her children have multiple rare diagnosis, but she as well is battling parallel health issues. Your prayers are greatly appreciated. I look forward to meeting you when I get to San Diego (it’s one place that I’ve wanted to visit but never have… soon… yes, we’ll have to focus on that for the coming year. Visiting Kara and the kids is long overdue!)

((Hugs)) and Prayers to you and yours!

Make it a great day!

Carolyn Sasek


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